Upcoming Performances 


Some shows do not have online ticket sales. Please contact the band through Facebook or our contact page to order tickets for shows.  Some venues offer the option to purchase online but for many shows it helps the band (either financially or to get the best set time) if you purchase your tickets through Standoff directly. If the online ticket site has a drop down menu for Standoff, the band will get credit. 

Past Performances


07/07/18         Castle Rock Restaurant        Livermore, CA

03/27/18          The Britannia Arms               San Jose, CA

02/18/18           Brick & Mortar                       San Francisco, CA

02/10/18           Britannia Arms                      San Jose, CA

01/27/18           Sandwich Cousins'               Tracy, CA


12/12/17           Brick & Mortar                       San Francisco, CA

11/03/17           The Phoenix Theater           Petaluma, CA

10/29/17           DNA Lounge                          San Francisco, CA

09/17/17           DNA Lounge                          San Francisco, CA

09/09/17           Castro Valley Fall Festival  Castro Valley, CA

07/21/17           Bottom Of The Hill                San Francisco, CA

07/08/17           Castro Valley Pride               Castro Valley, CA

06/21/17           Alameda County Fair            Pleasanton, CA

05/07/17           First Festival                          West Sacramento, CA

03/15/17           San Jose State University   San Jose, CA

01/22/17           Brick & Mortar                       San Francisco, CA

01/04/17           Bottom Of The Hill                San Francisco, CA


11/18/16           Red House                             Walnut Creek, CA

11/11/16           The Phoenix Theater            Petaluma, CA

09/11/16           Castro Valley Fall Festival   Castro Valley, CA

08/27/16           Little Lou's BBQ                     Campbell, CA

08/21/16           Brick & Mortar                       San Francisco, CA

8/20/16             Zucchini Festival                   Hayward, CA

07/16/16           BAL Theater                           San Leandro, CA

05/22/16           DNA Lounge                           San Francisco, CA

04/10/16           DNA Lounge                           San Francisco, CA

04/01/16           The Phoenix Theater            Petaluma, CA

02/27/16           Chabot College                      Hayward, CA