Charli Lockheart (lead vocalist/rhythm guitar/keyboard), Julius (vocals/lead guitar), Dominus Barcara (bass), Grey Janowski (vocals/drums)

The quintessential garage rock band, Standoff, emerged as a group of high school friends who shook up the neighborhood with deafening sounds emitting from the depths of the drummer’s garage. The band has evolved from those early roots into a seasoned East Bay rock presence that is expanding into the greater northern California scene. Their music is inspired by the raw sound of early garage rock from the 60's, as well as various blues rock bands.  Strong guitar riffs are intertwined with hard-hitting guitar solos and powerful vocals that make Standoff's sound distinct and unforgettable.

They recorded their first independent EP, “Not So Easy”in 2015 and are currently working on recording an album, and recently produced a music video for their song "Paint". They have recorded a 3 song album demo EP as a preview to the album they plan to release in 2018.

Charli writes the melody and lyrics composing the “bones” of the songs, while the band collaborates on the work and adds the “flesh” to the sound. More recently the lead guitarist, Julius has produced a few songs for the band as well. Together they create music that can bring you back to the sound of garage rock in the 60's with some of the revival sounds from the late 90's, always with their own spin and energy.