Charli Lockheart (lead vocalist/rhythm guitar/keys), Julius (vocals/lead guitar), Dominus Bracara (vocals/bass), Grey Janowski (vocals/drums)

The ragtag garage outfit, Standoff, formed back in late 2013 as a haphazard rock band of high school kids. Since then, they’ve carved out their identity trekking around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, blasting rackety surf punk and dirty blues to anybody in earshot. Wailing vocals accompany a combo of gritty and chiming guitars with a defining heartbeat of bass and drums. The product is a versatile sound characteristic only to a tight-knit group comprised of fiery individualists dead set on hard hitting melter noise to fill out long, fucked-up nights.

They recorded their first independent EP, “Not So Easy” in 2015. They have recorded a 3 song album demo EP as a preview to the album they plan to release in 2019. Their newest single "We Won't Get Along", released April 2018, has been well received with radio play in the US and internationally.

Charli writes the melody and lyrics composing the “bones” of the songs, while the band collaborates on the work and adds the “flesh” to the sound. More recently the lead guitarist, Julius has produced a few songs for the band as well. Together they create music that can bring you back to the era of garage rock  with a new spin and and a sound all their own.